Free In Car Mobile Holder & Charger

Free In Car Phone Holder and ChargerFirstly, I would like to say sorry to iPhone owners out there as this freebie is only open to Android users. This freebie comes to you curtesy of, they have introduced a new app called MotorMate which runs in the background and monitors your driving style. The idea being, that it will make you a safer driver by measuring acceleration, cornering and braking.

They have 5,000 free holders and chargers to give to the first 5,000 drivers that have it running for twenty miles. But thats not all, no, if you drive 250 miles with the app running you will get a £25 cheque in the post, not bad eh ? The app is downloaded from Google Play, formally known as Play Store.

To get your freebie, click Get Freebie and read the page, download to your Android phone and follow the instructions.

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