Free James Bond 007 Aftershave

Free James Bond Sample


This is one hot Fragrance for all you budding double agents out there! We all know James Bond is the daddy when it comes to getting the ladies… but some of us may need that helping hand as we arent quite as suave or as sophisticated as 007. Well this freebie might just help you with that, it is also a well timed giveaway as the new James Bond film, Skyfall,  has just come out.

Getting back to the offer, all you have to do is complete a simple online form and you will get your free sample in the post. The sample isnt very big, only 0.7mLs but it is enough to tempt the ladies once or twice.. oh, I nearly forgot, it was described by GQ Magazine as “the most dangerously sophisticated fragrance in the world” If you want, their is a special 50th Anniversary Limited Edition, that comes in a deluxe Golden box, but this isnt free ..unfortunately!

Simply click the image to go to the webpage and fill in the short form for the freebie version.