Free Nails Inc. Nail Polish

free nail polishThis is a great freebie for all you Glamour Pusses out there and I know there are loads of glamour pusses where I live…grrrr! Although this is a freebie, it does actually mean parting with some of your hard earned cash, so, how can it be a freebie I hear you ask?  well, quite simply you buy the December issue of Glamour Magazine and Hey Presto, attached to the front cover are four, yes four Free Nail Inc. nail polish bottles. Is that wicked freebie enough for ya? :)

So, this time I will not be asking you to “click the the get freebie button” as this wont really help, but you can rest assured my readers, if that button actually enabled a “teleportation device”  I would actively encourage you to push said button!

This has to be worth a “like” on Facebook ladies? :)