Free Biker Points at Hein Gericke

Free Biker points at hein gerickeIt may not really be the time of year to be thinking about getting out and about on your motorbike but, Hein Gericke are giving away their “Biker Points” which you can redeem against virtually anything in their highstreet stores. Now, this would make a great present or you can use them for yourself to say, buy a new pair of Thermal Gloves !!

To get your hands on these free biker points all you have to do is either, pop along to one of their many shops OR go to their webpage and fill in the short online form. By joining the Hein Gericke Club you will be privvy to Free Prize Draws,  Competitions, promotions and other offers. Its a pretty good freebie in my eyes. Click “get freebie” to go to their short form.

Join Hein Gericke Club